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This is the story of S=V duo of great friends in big business.


This is the story of Fernando Luis Silva and his best friend Jose Manolo Vazquez . Fernando was born on 25th of february 1978. His life was never easy. He was born as the oldest of the three sons of Maria Silva Lopez.  His brothers were very good people and Fernando like them a lot. Younger of them Diego Alonso Silva was born on 7th of march 1981 he was very energic child but his mother keep him calm. And the youngest of the brothers was Carlos Alvaro Silva born on 12th of october 1983 the calmest of them three.

As i say it in the prologue they had not got easy life as kids. Their dad Luis Silva was very impatient man and he was also beaten up by some guys he owes money to. He spent most of his money on the strong alcohol and cigarettes. The anger he has got has been raging on their loving mother what was very sad for all of them brothers. Fernando keep a wood stich under the pillow because when his father came home late in the night he used to beat up his mom so he tried to calm him but it often ends with him beaten up too. They all wish that this nightmare will end somehow. One day on 7th of june 1989 their father was found dead in the river probably in the situation that in the night he got there to throw some bottles of alcohol to the water but he slip on the mud and drown himself to death. So from that moment a new life begins for all the remaining Silva family. In the last few words of this chapter i should mention the nice and also poor village where they all spent almost 25 years. It was in north Ecuador near Esmeraldas- in the village Campo Alegre. And there also begins our great story...

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